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Suitablee - Premium Custom Tailoring

Suitablee is a custom suit company locally founded by two Montréal entrepreneurs, with a mission to combine old-school tailoring with new-age technology while making their products accessible and affordable.

The construction of Suitablee suits combines the traditional art of tailored craftsmanship and the precision of laser-cut fabrics along with artificial intelligence that determines optimal cut patterns. Throughout the years, Suitablee has scanned thousands of bodies with their infrared scanner that's allowed them to find the best fitting patterns for specific body measurements. This has allowed them to deliver perfect fits 95% of the time. Suitablee has perfected tailoring and has been able to minimize all error.

Furthermore, all suits are assembled locally in Montreal to ensure quality control. Most people looking for a custom suit require specific attention to different body shapes. With the help of their artificial intelligence algorithms, fitting their customers has become a science. Taking into account shoulder slopes, back curvatures, all our suits, and shirts a completely custom and built to your shape. Suitablee has truly redefined the tailoring game.

Thank you, Suitablee, for building such a remarkable local business & making a difference in your community by revolutionizing the art of tailoring. We support you, and together, we will get through this.

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May 16, 2023

In the choice of custom suits, you may come across a lot of service providers and tailoring outlets that help you get a suit for yourself but it is imperative for you to choose the service provider that comes with a promise of excellence.

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