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FLOOR13 - Global Industry Leaders in Tourism & Hotel Consulting

Linq Media had the incredible opportunity to work with FLOOR13, a Montreal based tourism and hotel consulting firm on their new website design for their recent launch. Being industry leaders in their field, they are committed to bringing value to the tourism industry while providing a fresh approach to traditional problem-solving. FLOOR13 represents the combined skills and experiences that enable them to understand first-hand the complexities of today's competitive tourism landscape.

FLOOR13 is obsessed with exceeding expectations for their clients, looking at each new set of challenges and questions with a customized approach. In today's competitive environment, businesses can no longer afford to simply do as others do. They bring a unique strategic approach to every client, taking the time to understand our clients' business, goals, and desired outcomes.

As a boutique firm, FLOOR13 has the flexibility to innovate without constraints, collaborate with other industry experts, and build excellence for every client. With over 75 years of combined experience in the tourism industry, they have worked, led, and advocated within the sector and know the challenges faced by our clients. FLOOR13 promises to bring fresh thinking, professional and innovative approaches to all their projects.

Our approach to this project was to bring design and information together by creating a user-friendly experience for their clients. We strove to put together a layout that emitted the same energy as their team, with a hint of modern freshness. Combining various layers of web pages, curated content, and their redesigned identity, we are extremely proud to unveil their new website.

Visit their new website to learn more -

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