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Introducing Casanova - MTL’s Classiest Barbershop Now Open for Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

We are pleased to announce and support the opening of a new local business, Casanova barbershop and salon. Located in the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy, Casanova provides their clients an unmatched tailored service and experience while enjoying the many culturally inspired amenities available in their shop. Their slogan says it all, if you’re looking for ‘a little taste of Italy’, you know where to go!

Casanova is a premium men’s salon and barbershop founded on the principles of quality, vision, and passion from like-minded individuals. What’s more, the founders share their love for Italian culture, and it is thanks to both their passion and determination that Casanova came to be. Offering a unique approach to traditional methods of men’s grooming and barbering, Casanova, which translates to ‘new house’, takes pride in its unique way of redefining the barber profession. Alongside their haircuts and beard cleanings, they offer high-end services including exfoliating head scrubs and personalized consultations in which they provide not only hairstyle recommendations and styling tips tailored to your personality and style but also tips and products recommendations to improve day-to-day routine in terms of hair and beard care.

Linq Media is proud to have played a small part in the launch of this incredible new local business by developing and designing its brand-new website. Visit to explore their website and learn more about everything they have to offer, including their many services. Most importantly, they have a platform for clients to book all their appointments online, making it super easy and accessible for all to get a taste! If you have any questions or hesitations before booking that first appointment, you will find a contact section on their website making it easy for anyone to get in touch with the team for any questions or concerns.

A taste of culture, quality, & 'essenza Italiana', and perfected grooming

techniques, Casanova is more than a salon and barbershop, it is a brand and

lifestyle. Want to learn more? Take a look at their brand-new website and

book your appointment online now! 

You can also keep up with the team on Facebook, Instagram!

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