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CarePacks Canada - Community, Unity, and Philanthropy

CarePacks is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality multifunctional care packages to individuals who are experiencing homelessness, are underprivileged & less fortunate. Founded on the concepts of community, unity, and philanthropy, this organization aims to provide health, food, clothing & utility products through a dynamic network of providers by carefully assembling unique packages to fulfill basic daily necessities. At CarePacks, every donation received from their supporters and sponsors is valued. With this in mind, it’s their goal to show donors how they can make the most of their contributions, including steering them towards sponsoring individual care packages as well as donated financial resources to help expand the reach of CarePacks.

Their approach is simple, they assemble high-quality products sourced from top manufacturers, with an overall functionality to help individuals better cope with their reality. The organization is made up of young millennials trying to make a difference in their community by coming together to promote positive change and greater social awareness about the realities of homelessness in Montreal.

Founder & President of CarePacks, Marc-Anthony Palacios-Castellana, has set out on a mission to make a difference in his community by creating a movement & a brand that will directly benefit the many individuals being affected by homelessness in Montreal. In a joint effort, project director & committee lead Tyler David, who has embarked on the CarePacks journey to help foster change and make a lasting impact in his community by pledging his commitment to the organization. Together, Tyler & Marc-Anthony will be working to grow CarePacks into becoming a leading survival gear company and a local social enterprise involving community leaders, young millennials & all individuals looking to help those affected by a growing chronic issue in the city of Montreal.

In 2018, during their first campaign, they challenged themselves to launch, fundraise, and complete their goal in under 30 days. CarePacks completed their first annual campaign in 22 days & delivered over 100 care packages to Le Refuges Des Jeunes de Montreal.

Thank you, CarePacks for making a difference in your community. We support you, and together, we will get through this.

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